PIYC: Surprises in the Second Act

Update: Who’s Your Daddy? has been extended through February 19!

No one expected dapper Johnny O’Callaghan—a “ladies’ man who likes the gents a bit more”—to piyc Johnny O'Callaghan-Vertical-1become a dad, least of all the man himself. Nearly six years ago, newly single and frustrated by his flailing acting career, O’Callaghan visited Uganda and was shocked at the contrast to his own comfortable life—rampant AIDS and poverty, political upheaval and the country in tatters. Fortunately O’Callaghan had been meditating regularly, and his wide-open heart led to a profound spiritual connection with a three-year-old orphan, whom he spontaneously decided to adopt. Little did he know how challenging, hilarious (only in retrospect) and sometimes downright dangerous that process would be.

These days son Odin is a happy, soccer-playing fourth grader, and O’Callaghan—who has since earned a Masters degree in psychology and sees private clients in a thriving “meditation therapy practice”—has gotten back on the boards with a funny and touching theatre piece about their shared journey, titled Who’s Your Daddy? Catch it at Burbank’s Victory Theatre Center, at least through December 18.

Best known as Niam on SciFi Channel’s Stargate Atlantis, the actor/therapist is gratified that his story enlivens people’s dreams of achieving their desires through persistence. Hardly the imagined perfect-parent candidate, he created a family against daunting odds.

O’Callaghan has performed in Ireland and Canada as well as the US, and is a citizen of all three countries. An avid athlete, he recently participated in the Maui and Malibu Triathlons.

My LA neighborhood is the Hollywood Hills.

I chose to live here because the hills feels like a sanctuary away from the chaos and my home feels like a tree house. I am surrounded by wildlife. Every time I see a deer I feel like God is kissing me, and I often wake up with hummingbirds in my house.

Originally I come from Dublin, Ireland but have lived all over—I feel like a citizen of the world.

When I want inspiration I look around me. I have an amazing son and dog who inspire me each day. I meditate and travel—I love discovering new parts of LA and the world.

For a late night, after theatre snack I’m most likely to go home and make popcorn with olive oil and sea salt.

I became a single parent because I met my son! It was an accidental pregnancy, LOL—I just knew he was my son, and nine months later we arrived back in LA from Uganda.

The biggest obstacle to adopting turned out to be my biggest opportunity for growth. There were so many, but I overcame each obstacle because I held strong to the fact— he was my son. That truth was much more powerful than any obstacle.

If I could make one wish for my son it would be that he grows up accepting and loving himself completely with the ability to fearlessly express himself and follow his bliss.

I went back to acting because my son is now 9 and [I wanted] to show him the importance of creatingPIYC Johnny O'Callaghan-Vertical-2 and following one’s passion.

If I could draw a link from acting to therapy to spirituality, I might say they are all healing modalities—spirituality/therapy/meditation can be an acting technique. Whatever gets us to shine our light and not live in our pain.

I hope Who’s Your Daddy? will encourage people to think about international adoption and the importance of following your internal guidance. And, of course, entertain—it’s a very funny show.

Find out more about the actor at johnnyocallaghan.com. For Victory Theatre“>theatre updates, call 818.841.5422.

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