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Family-owned & organic in the heart of West HollywoodSpinach Fig Salad

By Abigail Lewis

Once you’ve been a non-meat eater and then decide, for whatever reason, you’d like to add a bit of meat back into your diet, you may find yourself with a dilemma. Most vegan and vegetarian restaurants don’t serve any meat, and most meat-serving restaurants are less concerned with organic, free range, and hormone-, gluten- and antibiotic-free than you would like. Happily, there is Evo Kitchen.

Open in 2011 on Sunset just west of Fairfax, Evo is the kind of place you wish were in your neighborhood so you could go there a lot. The food is delicious and fresh, with just the right mix of vegan and healthy versions of more standard fare. You’ll find familiar items such as Cobb Salad, bacon and all, but there’s also a spinach salad with goat cheese, figs and slivered almonds dressed in nothing but orange juice that is one of the freshest, most delicious salads you can imagine.

EVO pizza close-upPizzas and wraps are all homemade and organic (and can be ordered gluten- and dairy free), so you’ll never have to go to a big pizza chain for BBQ chicken pizza again. Because here the chicken is jidori, the sauce is locally made and organic, and the crust and purple onion slices are organic. It’s practically perfect, just add a glass of California craft beer or wine from a sustainable vineyard. (Hint: A tempranillo on their wine list is full and fruity, stands up well to the tangy-sweet sauce.)

If you’re looking for something more entrée-ish, there’s roasted free-range chicken, salmon filet and a changing vegan plate, and potato and veggies are included in the very reasonable prices. You can add a fresh organic cocktail and it will still cost less than many comparable restaurants.

I would say be sure to leave room for dessert, but the portions are so generous that it’s almost impossible. However,Beer & Wine Photo compressed menu design queen Michele Orlando, who started Evo with her “rock” of a brother Craig and their mom Kay, has a chocolate sweet tooth, so if you have a hankering for dark, sweet deliciousness, four of their six options are chocolate or offer that option. There’s even a vegan, gluten-free brownie. Oh go ahead, have it a la mode with local gelato..

Evo is a great place to meet your vegan pals for dinner, but it’s also nice to know that when relatives who never heard of Michael Pollan come to visit, you can take them someplace you’ll all enjoy.

Sun-Thur: 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm, 7950 W. Sunset Blvd. #104, LA 90046, 323.375.3390. www.evokitchenla.com

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