The Last Avatar

By David Arran Anderson

Bk_Last AvatarMostly in an appeal for humanity to wake-up, the last avatar walks the world as the Christ of the Aquarian Age. In a series of conversations, informal satsang-like sermons and call-in radio talk shows, an unassuming and truly gentle man guides confused and inquiring aspirants of every stripe.

Three hundred and fifty pages of this has the potential to be excessive—but not so! In a forgiving and often humorous way, he slashes to the bone the underlying traps people fall prey to, in denying their own fundamental divinity—the real message here. It’s a repair manual for the soul.

The Q and A approach opens to all manner of distress and malady—from retold Christian stories and teachings to contemporary political, financial and environmental fears; from personal relationships and health to a finely conceived discourse on the nature of time, God, death and dying, free will and the human purpose.

“Walking the talk” from the outset, our hero and savior arrives as a “drop-in” via a Greyhound bus—without diplomas, work history, social security number, cash, possessions or even a name. Effortlessly open to the divine flow, he lives his teachings, instantly finding housing, work, friends, peace and love—as we all can, when open and unburdened by culturally imposed fears and constraints.

The first coming of Christ was of an individual man, history and doctrine tell us; the second, we learn, arrives as mass consciousness of the Christ within. Although very Christian, somehow, the book retells Testaments New and Old, while firmly and gently exposing the politically motivated and fear-based misdirection of traditional church teachings.

Time is short—an earnest message, yet delivered without pressure. Personal enlightenment here offered can only blossom with the dissolution of stress and fear. It’s a difficult message to convey, thus necessitating its repetition, but it’s a largely enjoyable and revealing experience.

“You’re talking with God,” our hero says, “and so am I.” (Transformational Books)


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This article is a part of the Relationships 2016 issue of Whole Life Times.