Missy Galore


It’d be easy to dismiss “Shamanatrix” Missy Galore before truly giving the L.A. musician/artist/comedian/MC/fashionista a chance. Galore has a candy-colored, hippie/raver aesthetic and song titles like “We Are Love” and “Love.o.lution” that are wincingly earnest. But after a listen to her latest album—Shamanatrix (a portmanteau of shaman and dominatrix)— you might warm to her catchy, electronica-inspired positivity. “Fluff the Goodness” is a suggestive little hip-hop-esque number where Galore reminds listeners to accentuate the positive; a message we all need during this divisive, endlessly negative campaign season. Galore slows it down on “Fractals of Grace,” chanting a meditation while the beat builds. If Galore’s endless optimism doesn’t rub off, maybe take some hints from the album’s closer, “Hemp Is the Way.” Fittingly, Galore has performed at the Burning Man festival—a listen to Shamanatrix is like a 15-minute vacation to the Black Rock Desert, far from conventions, violence and political warfare.


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This article is a part of the August-September 2016 Success with Integrity issue of Whole Life Times.