Returning to the Light

A Medical Intuitive’s Special Gift of Healing

At the early age of three months, my eyes were noticeably blinking.  My grandfather followed me around taking photos. At seven, I laid my hands on various animals and experienced their recovery from illness and injury. I also noted my hands were different than the hands of other children.

I was often caught saying to the other children, “My hands were reincarnated, and God forgot to change them!” This was in my defense as the skin on my hands always looked many decades older than the rest of me.  My mother asked me where I heard the word “reincarnated.” Looking back, I now believe spirit gave me this word – perhaps it was my first intuitive communication with the Holy Spirit.

During my younger years, I shyly explained to my mother that my hands were different. This, along with my blinking eyes, upset her and made her extremely uncomfortable.  She would continually yell at me, up until the age of seven, to stop blinking.  I remember one very important time, my mother sat me on the bed and cried out to my step-father, “What is wrong with her? She won’t stop blinking!”

Kimberly healing photo (1)Finally, when I was eight, my eyes stopped blinking. I felt sad. Although I didn’t know it at the time, God was speaking to me through my eyes.

Following a tumultuous childhood, coupled with a near-death experience, in late 2012, I was hit by a car.  I was admitted into the emergency room on Christmas Eve. A nurse injected me with blood thinners, and my blood pressure began to drop. Doctors rushed into the room as my systems were beginning to fail.

I blacked out. I could see an image of me, alone on the other side. During this time, I was not afraid. While passing, I first experienced an indescribable white light. I heard the sounds of the nurses start to fade. I went through a tunnel and remember seeing a beautiful white light, and soft blurred images of faces. I felt the presence of our Creator around me.  I could hear whispers saying to me, “Everything is okay.” It was comforting, beautiful, and peaceful. I knew something was going on. I had left my body. I saw myself outside of my body, and was experiencing another dimension of myself. I had been lifted by the Holy Spirit. I had been graced by the angels and God, to the other side. Then, I awakened with a gasp of air and had absolutely no fear of death. Soon after I felt a deep pressure, like a ball on my chest, and an extremely blinding bright light through my eyes. My breath came back into my body. When I woke up, I could not move. I knew my life would never be the same. I was in physical therapy for three months and a wheelchair for several months after.

I was uncertain if I would ever walk again and questioned what would become of my life. I decided to place 100 percent of my faith in God for my healing. I surrendered, and it was at this time that my communication with God awakened. I experienced a complete divine intervention and my eyes started to blink again. All my gifts from God came to their full awakening and I fully accepted them. The energy that held the Light returned. I was healed.

This was just the start. With gifts of the Holy Spirit, my hands guide my blinking eyes while I act as a human MRI/X-ray and scan your entire body to find negative energy and disease. During this scan, I have the ability to find trapped emotional pain encapsulated in your body, and can detect any traumas. I serve as a vessel to release the affliction out of your body.

Because of these experiences, I now live as a full trance-channel medium with a gift to heal as many people as God is guiding me to help.


Kimberly CU headshotFor info on Kimberly Meredith, visit She will be appearing at the Conscious Life Expo at LAX Hilton in Feb. Visit

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This article is a part of the 2018 February / March issue of Whole Life Times.