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Magic in the Kitchen with Chef D

chef d

We all know the proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” In Derek’s teaching kitchen, those words have never been more powerfully apropos. When students with “multiple barriers to employment” learn how to cook an exceptional fish, they not only can feed thousands, they can attain their own sustainable career and self-worth for a lifetime.

Adventure for Two in L.A.

nature-Sandstone Peak

Whether you want an urban art experience, a romp in nature, music and theater or a spa indulgence, it’s hard to beat our city for a day of adventure and romance.

little pine by Moby

Moby 1

The ambience here is more pine forest than palm grove— all that’s missing on a chilly evening is a roaring fire—but little pine’s Mediterranean-inspired all-organic vegan fare would be most welcome in either place.

Eat Here Now: Kye’s on Montana


“I wanted to be real about food. It has to be nutritious and give your body what it needs to function optimally, it has to taste good and make you feel excited about what you are eating, and you have to feel good after you eat—energized—not tired like you need a nap, or you’re too full.”

DTLA’s The Springs

The Springs - Banana Split - 7.21.15

The massive space buzzes with energy. In the dining area, aqua-accented stools and lemon yellow chairs offer a bright bloom of color against the neutral cement and cinderblock backdrop. The eco friendly chairs are crafted from discarded industrial materials, and attractive recycled cinderblock planters house palms and fig trees.

Golden Mean Vegan Café

Golden Mean Vegan Cafe

The Golden Mean refers to divine proportion, balance and harmony, a mathematical formula postulated by Aristotle and allegedly found in everything pleasing in nature. Its namesake restaurant sated my appetite and calmed my energy, leaving me restored and in harmony with the world.

All-vegan Stanford Inn by the Sea


Deep relaxation at a back-to-the-land resort By Abigail Lewis The road to Mendocino from San Francisco simply will not allow you to obsess about urban woes. Tortuously winding through redwood groves and verdant hills, it insists that you focus on nothing but the scenery and potentially errant oenophiles who’ve had one taste too many at […]

Tanzy—Artisinal Italian in Westwood

By Abigail Lewis The time to go to the newest Tanzy, executive cheffed by Bryan Podgorski of French Laundry and Las Vegas’ Bouchon, is now, before the world descends. Situated just east of Westwood Boulevard on Wilshire, with convenient parking in the rear, the entrance feels something like a forest woodland. Distressed vine branches form […]

My Daughter’s Other Parents

When Family Ties Become Tangled By Vanessa McGrady “That will come out with Spic ‘n’ Span,” said Bridgett, dabbing at the spilled yellow mustard on her jacket. I’d just met the hugely pregnant 23-year-old sitting across from me in a meeting hastily arranged by our adoption social worker. I had no idea that she and […]

5 More Desserts that Only Taste Decadent

Our December 2013/January 2014 issue is packed with irresistibly delicious vegan dessert recipes, perfect for a holiday party or any time you crave a healthful, tasty treat. (Part 2. Find Part 1 here.) Compiled by Elyse Glickman Classic (Vegan)Baked Tofu Cheesecake Chef Eric Lechasseur, SEED Kitchen, Venice Crust ½ c safflower oil ¼ c barley malt ¼ […]