Urban Essentials articles:

Tea for One

Once you get accustomed to loose tea, you’ll never go back to teabags; it’s like bottled wine vs. boxed. But who has time to brew on a hectic morning? This glass and stainless Perfect Steeper makes a self-contained, no-mess, perfect cup of tea. Just add loose leaves and hot water, turn upside down to steep, […]

Who Wants Yesterday’s Papers?

Instead of recycling yesterday’s newspaper, reuse it. Tear or cut newspaper into 3½” x 10″ strips and wrap around this wooden Pot Maker form. Forget glue, just fold the ends under and press the form into the base to make a biodegradable paper pot for seedlings. When you’re ready to transplant to a larger container […]

Rollin’ with Your Home Tunes

Turn up your iPod and drown out the dude bumpin’ in the lowrider with your own bike speaker. It’s water resistant, clamps easily to a bike frame and has a handlebar-mounted remote. No worries, you can detach it when you get to the beach! At ihomeaudio.com and other online sites. . . . . . […]

Get Your Glow Back

L.A. sunshine is great for outdoor fun but literally murder on your skin. For gentle rejuvenation, hyaluronic acid, a mucopolysaccharide that occurs naturally in the human body, can make a real difference. In the body it binds water and lubricates movable parts, so supplementing is a great joint support. But for results you can see […]

Bye Bye Plastic Bottles

Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto claims that if words or thoughts are directed at water droplets, they can change the quality of the water enough to make frozen crystals more or less lovely. So then, why not send positive messages to every drop you drink? Be Truly You’s glass water bottles are imprinted with words like […]

Lather with Love

The lovely mother-daughter team of Donna and Lauren hand-milks French Alpine goats (who have names like Sugar, Muffin and Precious) on their small farm in Ventura to produce creamy, aromatic soaps that will perk up a shower and inspire longing for a lingering bath. Fair Trade shea butter adds moisture, and fragrances are all natural […]

Peace in the New Year

Share your passion for peace with someone you love. Made in Los Angeles of recycled silver, this stunning jewelry comes in a recycled box with a peace seal hand stamped on each box and an organic cotton storage pouch. PeaceLoveEarth.com. . . . . . . . . . .