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You are Powerful


Each day, have a meeting with yourself and write out your goals in every major area of your life; your health, finances, use of skills and talents, relationships, recreation, etc. Read what you wrote aloud and imagine seeing yourself in your mind’s eye having completed your goals.

Rewiring Our Brains for a Better World


It’s been a rough year so far. From terrorist attacks to coups, a surreal presidential race and heart-rending police shootings, we’ve been confronted with narratives that challenge our belief systems on weighty topics like peace, race, culture and religion. In person, we often say little about these topics to colleagues and acquaintances, but on social […]

“Namaste, Bitches” TV Series on Yoga in L.A.


We all know many dedicated, professional yoga teachers and studios who do wonderful service, but this series is a good (and occasionally amusing) reminder that those who teach yoga need to not only “manifest a vision,” but also eat and pay the rent.

Powerful Motivators for Success


We can only become free to create a life, a business and a world that fits our deepest aspirations when we invent (or discover) a life philosophy that helps us thrive. This is not about smarts. This is about wisdom.

A Conscious Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success


Anyone who thinks it’s easy to start a business has never tried. It takes a lot more perspiration than inspiration, and there are a multitude of pitfalls along the way. But easy and simple are two different stories.