December/January 2014-15

December/January 2014-15

More, more, more. That’s the message that bombards us 25/7 at this time of year. Technically it’s only 24/7, but it feels like, well, more, especially when we stop to think about how much we already have.

Our December/January Abundance issue focuses on the abundance we already have and can share in this giving season, and any time!

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In This Issue:

  • New Year’s Resolution: Find True Love

    New Year’s Resolution: Find True LoveAs we begin a new year with new resolutions, topping many lists is the intention to manifest “true love.”

  • California Luxury Hotels with a Farm Option

    California Luxury Hotels with a Farm OptionIt’s all about furthering the connections among consumer, chef and farmer—and making it feel decadent and delightful.

  • Traditional Holiday Recipes

    Traditional Holiday RecipesTraditional foods are the foods of our great-great grandmothers—the foods of gardens and farms.

  • Book Review: Expectation Hangover

    Book Review: Expectation HangoverWhy do so many unsatisfied people camp on the sofa watching life pass them by?

  • The Slash Career for Multiple Incomes

    The Slash Career for Multiple IncomesToday’s workforce is history’s most educated, with a variety of skills and thousands of dollars in student loans to prove it. In return, we expect our work to fulfill us, and often one job just doesn’t tick all the boxes.

  • Create a Money Miracle

    Create a Money MiracleBy all accounts, Barbara Stanny is accomplished and successful—practically a superwoman. Her resume includes many years as a business journalist, a Master’s degree in psychology and several acclaimed books on financial self-improvement.

  • Resolutions Ring in Results

    Resolutions Ring in ResultsMaking New Year’s resolutions might seem like another annual letdown if you break your promises to yourself, but research suggests they sometimes work.

  • Shake Your Booty in A-Bun-Dance

    Shake Your Booty in A-Bun-DanceLights flash. Music pounds. Bodies move to the beat. It might sound like a typical Hollywood night out, but as the name suggests, A-Bun-Dance is a party with a deeper meaning.

  • Holiday Stress Busters

    Holiday Stress BustersAre the holidays a tad less joyful than they used to be?