Transformation Issue – December 2015/January 2016

Transformation Issue – December 2015/January 2016


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In This Issue:

  • Kenji Williams

    Kenji WilliamsNASA’s photographs motivated the award-winning director and composer to musically explore how humans and nature, art and science are all connected.

  • The True Cost

    The True CostCheap fashion rides on the back of workers—predominantly woman and often children—in countries such as Bangladesh and India who earn less than $3 a day and live with toxic byproducts of manufacturing.

  • Revelations of the Ruby Crystal

    Revelations of the Ruby CrystalAs profound religious experiences proliferate, we learn to recognize evidence of the new consciousness in friends and ourselves, and forgive the author for occasionally indulging in excessive details of wardrobes and accessories of the most beautiful people anyone has ever seen.

  • Burying the hatchet builds body strength

    Burying the hatchet builds body strengthHolding a grudge also increases mental rumination (repetitive thoughts), which lowers cognitive resources, such as glucose, that could be put to better use, such as coping with a physical challenge.

  • Stink!

    Stink!The chemicals in fragrance are known to cause infertility, birth defects, diabetes, learning disabilities and cancer, and can mutate DNA. Yet because of the fragrance loophole, the manufacturers can completely hide these ingredients.

  • The Spiritual Mysteries of Blood

    The Spiritual Mysteries of BloodWhat follows is a fascinating survey detailing the primacy of blood over tissues and structures of the body, blood’s true purpose, physical and psychic factors influencing blood, blood’s influence on the spirit through perception, hormones and Hippocrates’ four temperaments, and the spirit’s influence on the blood affecting such things as longevity, sleep and death.

  • Got Milk? Don’t Drink It for Your Bones

    Got Milk? Don’t Drink It for Your BonesThe government-funded U.S. Preventive Services Task Force determined that calcium supplementation alone might actually increase hip fracture and mortality risk.

  • Yoga Teacher to Yoga Scholar

    Yoga Teacher to Yoga Scholar“I love how commercially popular yoga has become and I will never say anything bad about yoga's expansion. However, I felt that I was only teaching an asana practice—not a yoga practice. I knew there was so much more to it.”

  • Stem Cell “Soup” Nixes Joint Surgery

    Stem Cell “Soup” Nixes Joint SurgeryA specialized stem cell replacement called the “Soup” combines human cells harvested from a patient’s own fat to repair inflammatory and degenerative injuries that might otherwise require invasive surgery.

  • Sound Is Powerful Medicine

    Sound Is Powerful MedicineThese days, skilled practitioners are using sound for everything from stress and pain relief to remedying sleep disorders and assisting the dying.

  • Changing the Channel

    Changing the ChannelIf you tried to picture the exact opposite of the L.A. River, you might imagine something that winds and flows, with lots of reflected light—something like the artwork of Frank Gehry, who designed the Disney concert hall, the Bilbao Guggenheim and other magnificent buildings.