Healing the Earth, Healing the Soul

Our interconnectedness with the planet

By Kenny Ausubel

There is a simple truth, a core belief as taught by the Traditional Knowledge carried across generations of First Peoples thecrowd and speaker inside lowerres world over. It is that each of us is a part of Mother Earth—on an intrinsic level and on the physical plane. Our individual wellness, our cultural health, our societal healing is literally interconnected to that of the Earth. The Earth is our mother and also our child, and ensuring her health and wellness assures our own.

As espoused in scientific, psychological and spiritual fields alike, healthy mental and emotional being is tied to a healthy environment.

The Earth has meridians and an auric field, as do our bodies. These meridians, or ley-lines, are energy lines that pass through sacred sites and places of power—energy vortexes that resemble the acupoints and chakras within our human bodies. The lines and vortexes that create patterns within the Earth’s energy field can be compared to our own auric field. And just as the process of healing our bodies can begin with a conscious shift of energy and focused attention, so can we all begin the process of realigning our environments and healing the Earth.

crowd inside close upIndigenous prophecies and teachings tell us that life on Mother Earth is in danger and is coming to a time of great transformation, and changing weather patterns, flooding and drought confirm this is so. The majority of scientific and empirical views support this belief. Honoring the prophecies perpetuated by ancient wisdom as well as the concerns of environmental science commands a responsibility in working together to achieving balance and healing.

Covering a whole-systems approach to environmental, cultural and social wellness, the annual National Bioneers Conference brings together concerned individuals committed to restoring communities and our planet. You can join them October 18–20 in San Rafael to be part of the healing movement.

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