Monthly Archives: May 2015

Film Review—Love Thy Nature


As the new film Love Thy Nature points out, we are really participants in the natural world, but are out of alignment with the innate tendency of life to create conditions conducive to life.

When Music Muddles Memory


Music can be used for relaxation, stimulation or even transformation, but sometimes it can also be distracting and affect memory recall.

The Hidden Cause of Back Pain


How can you determine if the cause of your lower back pain is muscular? One simple step is to feel for the tissue emitting the pain.

Listen and Unlearn


Unlearn what you’ve learned about how you’re unenlightened and unaware of the field of limitless potentiality that is your birthright.

Get Your LIB On

LIB PE #22_MG_3746

The Temple of Consciousness pre-event for Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) festival in Bradley, Calif., rocked the downtown arts district Sunday, May 3. The all-day affair featured bite-sized snacks of LIB energy: great music and dancing, a variety of talks and workshops, yoga and fab vegan eats.