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Kaia Kater New Release


Some of Kater’s lyrics were inspired by the works of author Toni Morrison, and like “Beloved” or “Song of Solomon,” “Nine Pin” transports its audience to a very specific time and place. Turn it on and you can practically see the bluegrass and Appalachian hills.

Dying to Know


Beautifully edited, Dying to Know weaves together archival footage and stills of the two icons together and individually, with more recent footage of Ram Dass and reflections by friends and admirers celebrated in their own right, What emerges is a stunning portrait of two brilliant men.

Holistic Alternatives to Opioids


Used alone or in conjunction with lower-dose opiates, natural pain relief options improve quality of life and have few or no side effects. Most importantly, they’re non-addictive.

Five Hearts of the Horse


They’re bigger, faster and stronger than we are, yet temperate enough to be not only a child’s best friend, but also an effective means of working with the disabled, lonely, sad, clinically depressed or otherwise challenged.

Are You a Boy, or Are You a Girl?


Men assumed higher-pitched cries in boys meant the baby was in more discomfort. This is likely due to an ingrained stereotype that boy babies “should” have low-pitched cries.

Chumash Healing with Wild Local Plants

ProfAdams - lores

“In the olden days, Chumash saw the spirit, mind and body as inseparable entities that could not be treated separately in disease. All healing involved the spirit, the mind and the body.”