Monthly Archives: June 2013

Lake of the Gods

Into the dreamtime on Lake Titicaca Story & photos by Rogelio Martell As we set sail in the morning fog after a night of violent earthquakes, the waltz of light and shadow across the surface of Lake Titicaca immediately began to dispel my fears and worries. In the magical watery light, mundane reality doesn’t exist […]

Supplements You Need after Being on the Pill

When “the pill” was approved for contraception in 1960, it quickly became one of the most important social and cultural revolutions in the history of the world. It’s estimated that more than 80 percent of women born in the United State after 1945 have used oral contraceptives, or OCs. Currently an estimated 12-million women in the […]

Sprouts Natural Foods Chain Adds a New Link

West Hills welcomes its first natural foods market By Abigail Lewis The West Valley is practically tap dancing with joy, as Sprouts Market opens a new market on Fallbrook Avenue just a few blocks from Ventura Boulevard. Opening day May 22 showed just how ready the neighborhood is for another alternative to Trader Joe’s, located […]

Carnitine vs. Your Arteries

New studies show carnitine, often found in energy drinks, supplements and beef, can increase risk of cardiac disease by Elizabeth Barker If you thought you were safe from heart disease by skipping red meat, think again. A study published in Nature Medicine earlier this year shows that a compound called carnitine, found in beef, can speed […]

James Turrell—Touching the Silence of Light … and Seeing Seeing

James Turrell Retrospective at the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art By Stephanie du Tan “I like to see light like we see it in dreams. We all know this light. We don’t see it very often with our eyes open.” ~James Turrell Objectless art: in which the object sees itself. How is this achieved? […]

One Heart, One Earthbeat

External change comes only in response to internal change By Stephen Linsteadt How we treat the planet and other people is a reflection of the way we treat ourselves. According to the principle of resonance, like attracts like. Our thoughts and emotions are vibrations, therefore our mental and emotional state creates a resonance pattern that […]

“Oh My Aching Back” Turns to “Ahh” with Osteopathy

By Elizabeth Barker To ease back pain without turning to meds, give osteopathic medicine a try. In a recent University of North Texas study of about 450 adults with chronic low back pain, those assigned to three months of treatment with osteopathic medicine experienced greater pain relief and used less prescription medicine than study members […]