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Burying the hatchet builds body strength


Holding a grudge also increases mental rumination (repetitive thoughts), which lowers cognitive resources, such as glucose, that could be put to better use, such as coping with a physical challenge.



The chemicals in fragrance are known to cause infertility, birth defects, diabetes, learning disabilities and cancer, and can mutate DNA. Yet because of the fragrance loophole, the manufacturers can completely hide these ingredients.

Joss Jaffe


Jaffe groves and pulses us through 11 spiritual melodies, five languages and three continents.

The Spiritual Mysteries of Blood


What follows is a fascinating survey detailing the primacy of blood over tissues and structures of the body, blood’s true purpose, physical and psychic factors influencing blood, blood’s influence on the spirit through perception, hormones and Hippocrates’ four temperaments, and the spirit’s influence on the blood affecting such things as longevity, sleep and death.

Mood Foods


Mental health professionals know that expecting patients to recover by simply popping a pill, such as Paxil, is unrealistic and simplistic. The brain needs a number of key nutrients to operate properly.

A Community Garden to Fill My Empty Nest


The garden masters are old, and mostly cranky. “It’s past nine. You can’t water past nine, city rules. If it were my rules, you’d be out.” It was 9:15. I stopped watering and smiled. I have a vegetable garden, my first.

Yoga Teacher to Yoga Scholar


“I love how commercially popular yoga has become and I will never say anything bad about yoga’s expansion. However, I felt that I was only teaching an asana practice—not a yoga practice. I knew there was so much more to it.”

Stem Cell “Soup” Nixes Joint Surgery

leg pain : injury

A specialized stem cell replacement called the “Soup” combines human cells harvested from a patient’s own fat to repair inflammatory and degenerative injuries that might otherwise require invasive surgery.

Sound Is Powerful Medicine


These days, skilled practitioners are using sound for everything from stress and pain relief to remedying sleep disorders and assisting the dying.