Monthly Archives: April 2010

Earth Day in L.A.

Forty years ago, just a few forward-thinking people were becoming alarmed about the future of our planet. It was a Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson, who originally proposed a nationwide “teach-in” about the environment, but nobody expected the very first Earth Day—April 22, 1970—to evolve into both a cause and a holiday. Ultimately it proved to […]

The Girl with the Curl

Actress and surfer Tanna Frederick makes waves by Jen Jones Ask anyone who grew up landlocked to recall a first glimpse of the ocean, and the person is almost sure to describe a Kodak moment. Yet for midwesterner Tanna Frederick it was more than just memorable; it was truly transformational. “I grew up in northern […]

Cows Love Vegan Shoes

When ten-year fashion industry veteran Elisabeth Olsen created the olsenHaus vegan footwear line in 2008, she was adamant that her product “not look granola.” In her attempts to influence an industry unconcerned about animal rights, the designer was determined not to sacrifice style, but it’s taken a near-obsessive approach to her animal-free passion. “I’ve said […]