Monthly Archives: July 2011

Books that Beckon

We can’t possibly review all the wonderful books we receive, so every issue features several that look particularly intriguing. Here we have divergent but deeply interrelated forces represented: spirituality, environment, health and activism.

Beat the Blues with EVOO

By Elizabeth Barker Cutting back on bad-for-you fats and opting for olive oil might help lift your mood, according to a recent study from the journal PLoS ONE. After following more than 12,000 adults for six years, the study’s authors determined that participants with a high intake of trans fats and saturated fats had a […]

Pesticides Can Lower Baby’s IQ

By Elizabeth Barker For moms-to-be, keeping away from pesticides could protect the baby’s brain. In a recent study from Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers found that children exposed to organophosphate pesticides in the womb had lower intelligence scores at age seven. A class of pesticides known to damage nerve cells, organophosphates are widely used on food […]

What Dogs Know about Surrender

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Every day, as I took Roscoe for walks and cleaned up his bleeding and gave him his meds, I would ask myself—and him—Is it time? Am I holding on too long? And every day his answer seemed to be, “It’s hard, but life is good. Get me some chicken. Let’s go for a walk.”

Breathing into Recovery

People in Your Community: Yoga teacher Tommy Rosen There are many ways of dealing with addiction, but for Venice-based Tommy Rosen, nothing beats “the magic of yoga and meditation.” Twenty years sober, Rosen perceives his past two decades as a wonderful journey. Rosen is trained in kundalini and vinyasa flow, pranayama, and breath meditation. He’s […]