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A Man of Peace


…all these qualities of his life demonstrate the value of Tibetan Buddhistic civilization and make a powerful case for what it offers to a world embroiled in the violent confusions caused by industrial consumerism and industrial militarism.

You are Powerful


Each day, have a meeting with yourself and write out your goals in every major area of your life; your health, finances, use of skills and talents, relationships, recreation, etc. Read what you wrote aloud and imagine seeing yourself in your mind’s eye having completed your goals.

Your Authentic Life


Both physical health and happiness arise when our spiritual needs are fulfilled. Spiritual well-being comes from the journey through which we find, connect with, and surrender to the Divine. As you discover your true purpose, you bring authenticity to the world. You live with fluidity, joy, and an entirely new level of well-being.

Kitty Cafes


“One of the things we know now about the new science behind human/animal interaction is it is changing our brains so that we see a release of oxytocin and an increase in dopamine production in the brain.” Yep, time with Fluffy boosts our feel-good hormones.