Monthly Archives: August 2010

Hip “Fit” for the Eco Guy

Environmentally sound practices—from sustainable sourcing and local manufacturing to organic, pesticide-free and fair trade materials—are being adopted more than ever in men’s fashion.

Books that Beckon

Summer is a great time to catch up on your reading. These varied volumes present themselves as particularly good candidates for a hot, lazy summer afternoon, accompanied by a tall glass (or three) of fresh lemonade.

Rediscover the Sacred Labyrinth

That a labyrinth can be simultaneously both chaos and ultimate order, terrifying and beautiful, debilitating and inspirational, makes it a symbol of exceptional dynamism.

Long Life + Energy = Happy Camper

Longevity is only a blessing if you’re healthy, happy and fulfilled. Explore the role of immunity and detoxification and learn how to protect yourself against EMFs, increase your energy levels and yes! achieve new vitality. Featuring Joseph Mercola, John Robbins, David Wolfe, Donna Gates, Stephen Sinatra and a ton of other experts on living longer […]

Gazing with the Healer Braco


It’s difficult to measure what influences healing in these situations, but perhaps some people can act as catalysts and help propel healing in another.

Getting Naked at the Hot Springs

HotSprings crop

Most soaking situations, especially noncommercial ones, attract visitors who love being in the outdoors, but having had my share of awkward encounters, I’m wary.