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Don’t Blame Your Genes


Epigenetic changes, both good and bad, can be transmitted from one generation to another, which is rather faster than the evolutionary changes resulting from natural selection.

Secret Ingredients for Raw Food Prep

What makes a raw dessert special is often its unique ingredients. Used appropriately, these suggestions by Matthew Kenney of M.A.K.E. in Santa Monica, Calif., can add the perfect texture or taste. *Agave—the most neutral flavor of any sweetener and very versatile, but better for desserts with a chewy texture, such as cookies and brownies, and […]

To-die-for Vegan & Raw Desserts

In a season of indulgence, delicious treats that also nourish the body are a welcome surprise 3 amazing recipes + 5 more desserts that only taste decadent By Elyse Glickman Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, we gift each other delights of exceptional taste, specifically cookies, cakes, pies and candy. Consequently, we also may give […]

Film: Awakening World

Directed by Sebastian Siegel The current trend in documentary filmmaking of interviewing luminaries in the “conscious living” field for their opinion or expertise on one thing or another has become a bit tired. However, in Awakening World, director/writer Sebastian Siegel drew from a much more diverse group, most of whom would not be considered expert […]

CD—Internal: Music for Dissolving

Right to the Heart Jamie Catto & Alex Forster This evocative collaboration between Jamie Catto and Alex Forster reflects our deepest emotions—sadness and ecstasy, fear and courage—and the unchanging space in which they swirl. A compelling combination of electronic and organic world music, Internal brings us a powerful complement for movement or body-based practices. Catto […]

Is Prancer a Boy or a Girl?

“’Twas the Night Before Christmas” never mentions the sex of Santa’s eight tiny reindeer By Linda Raedisch Thanks to the names given them by Clement Moore*, not to mention the work of Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass, we tend to think of the eight tiny reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh as males, but the females of […]

’Tis the Season for Excess


The calendar crunch. Cocktail parties. Potlucks. Gift exchanges. End-of-year company celebrations. Concerts. Fundraisers…and the list goes on. These events are staples of the holiday season because they’re supposed to be enjoyable. And they can be, but only if…