Monthly Archives: July 2013

Book: The Joyous Cosmology

Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness By Alan W. Watts Venerated mentor of many, Alan Watts here explores and contrasts religious experience with that of psychedelic drugs. This long-awaited reissue of his out-of-print 1962 Pantheon classic has lost none of its luster and seems timelier than ever—introduced by eloquent next generation advocate and firebrand Daniel […]

Having a baby taught me how to meditate

Reality vs good intentions by Tracy Olson I started practicing mindfulness meditation a few years ago after a trip to India, inspired by the serene Tibetan monks with whom I sat and sat and lost feeling in my hindquarters in a cold and incense-filled monastery. Several months later, amidst snarls of traffic back in Los […]

Yoga’s Power to Heal

The eight limbs of the Royal Path By Arun Deva Over the last two decades, the number of people practicing yoga in the United States has multiplied exponentially, from one million to 30 million. While some may have a complete understanding of the practice, for many there is still confusion. For example, we hear about […]

Film: Finding Happiness

Written & Directed by Ted Nicolau The film Finding Happiness is a beautiful invitation to the Ananda spiritual community, wrapped lightly in the framework of a story. Of primary interest is the character J. Donald Waters, aka Swami Kriyananda, recently deceased founder of the Ananda movement worldwide, as himself. The film is set in the […]

Healing the Earth, Healing the Soul

Our interconnectedness with the planet By Kenny Ausubel There is a simple truth, a core belief as taught by the Traditional Knowledge carried across generations of First Peoples the world over. It is that each of us is a part of Mother Earth—on an intrinsic level and on the physical plane. Our individual wellness, our […]

Eat Here Now: Feed Body + Soul

By Abigail Lewis Have you ever fantasized about the dream menu (and personal chef, of course) for your home kitchen? I found mine at Feed Body & Soul, where they cook with no refined sugar or oil and use almost exclusively organic, wild-caught and free-range ingredients. Laudable as that is, it wouldn’t be enough. Feed […]

Pumping Out Antioxidants

By Elizabeth Barker Even after they’re harvested, fruits and veggies keep on responding to changes in light by pumping out chemicals that fend off plant-eaters—and those same chemicals could pack major antioxidant power when consumed by humans. That’s the finding of a recent Rice University study, whose authors are now exploring produce-storing strategies to help […]

Book Review—Our Occulted History

Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens? By Jim Marrs Book review by Paul Andrews In his sixth and latest book, celebrated journalist and author Jim Marrs reveals archeological discoveries and well-documented geological data that not only support the notion that human civilization originated from extraterrestrials, but also that advanced civilizations, humans or otherwise, made […]

Alternate-day Fasting

Perhaps the ultimate diet plan, intermittent fasting drops pounds. But that’s just for starters