Monthly Archives: September 2011

Where Soldiers Come From

Co-produced and directed by Heather Courtney This low-key documentary begins with all the hallmarks of a working class drama but unfolds into the kind of slower-moving “hippie” film initially disdained by its unlikely heroes, a crew of buddies from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The combat footage is startling (director Courtney embedded with the platoon to capture […]

Get a Move On

By Elizabeth Barker Even if you set aside time to work out each week, staying sedentary for most of the day may boost your odds of developing major diseases. In a recent research review, University of Missouri scientists found that people who exercise regularly but spend most of their time glued to a chair may […]

Books that Beckon

We can’t possibly review all the wonderful books we receive, so every issue features several that look particularly intriguing. This quartet of approaches to enlightened living includes the sublime to what could be considered mundane: recycling your poop. Sacred Jewels of Yoga Wisdom from India’s Beloved Scriptures, Teachers, Masters and Monks Ed. by Dave DeLuca […]