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Monday Morning Angry Yoga


Sometimes a weekend can feel so free and wonderful that the last thing you want on Monday is to get back to being focused. Is that you? Maybe you can relate to Angrier Yoga. It might even snap you out of it!  

CD Review: Songs for the Sangha—Deva Premal & Miten


There is a consistency in the kirtan genre that is pleasing but often predictable, and while there is a place for purists, some of kirtan’s most delightful musical moments emerge when it’s used in new ways.

What We Learn about Life from a Near-Death Event


When people return from an NDE, “Things that used to bother them before are now irrelevant. Commercial interests and motivations move to the background and in their place come peace of mind, wholeness and serenity. There is a surrender that occurs. A lot of things an individual may have striven for, or clung to, melt away.”

DTLA’s The Springs

The Springs - Banana Split - 7.21.15

The massive space buzzes with energy. In the dining area, aqua-accented stools and lemon yellow chairs offer a bright bloom of color against the neutral cement and cinderblock backdrop. The eco friendly chairs are crafted from discarded industrial materials, and attractive recycled cinderblock planters house palms and fig trees.