Monthly Archives: February 2012

Sonoma Wine Garden

There is something very seductive about putting your credit card into an “enomatic” slot and having a glass of wine emerge below. Seductive and dangerous! At Sonoma Wine Garden in the remodeled Santa Monica Mall, the choices on a three-ounce pour this week ranged from $6.60 to $90, so a tip of the wrong handle […]

Cure Yourself Naturally


Another remedy is the artificial fever. Sit in a hot bath drinking a cup of hot tea for at least 20 minutes. Then get out and wrap a sheet around your body, get under some heavy blankets and let your body sweat it out.

Who’s Your Daddy?

Anyone who has ever adopted a child can vouch for the multitude of hoops that must be jumped through, but actor Johnny O’Callaghan‘s one-man show about finding his son in Uganda — and himself in the process — succeeds in making this tedious process not just poignant, but also highly entertaining. You’ll laugh, wipe tears […]

New Books: Sex, love, nature & spirit

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka Teachings from the Nagual Tradition Amara Charles Bet you didn’t know you have a genital anatomy type, such as Coyote Man or Deer Woman; and you may not know whether an orgasm is a hurricane orgasm or a tidal wave orgasm. The ancient wisdom of the Twisted Hair (sic!) Nagual […]