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Advertising in Whole Life Times will connect you with many potential new customers or clients interested in holistic health, sustainability and metaphysics. We offer full page and fractional Display (with optional premium placement), as well as several other options in a wide range of price points.

We also offer web banners with special discounts in conjunction with print advertising. These can be animated or static.

Newsletter banners go directly to our digital subscribers’ in-boxes. It’s Direct Mail for the Internet.

If you would like to receive a media kit or explore display advertising and other available formats that Whole Life Times offers, please fill out the brief contact form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You will also receive our e-mail updates regarding upcoming advertising opportunities as well as editorial sneak peeks for coming issues.

Note that we do not list all available advertising products, so feel free to write to us with your personal requests, questions or ideas.

Let us help you create a marketing campaign that can grow and brand your business in the holistic community!

Reminder: Ad space reservation deadline is the 19th of the month prior to the issue publication date. (Example: If you would like to place an ad in our December/January issue, please reserve space by November 19.) Exception: The Professional Services Directory deadline is the 18th of the month.

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