Monthly Archives: May 2014

Escape into the Arms of Hot Yoga

The hopeful yoga of blended families By Bahar Anooshahr I pull the door forcefully.  It dings open.  Thank God.  I made it just in the nick of time. I am escaping life, his children, his ex-wife and my confused mind into the arms of hot yoga. Perhaps the heat will melt my thoughts and body […]

Transformational Power of Music

Measurable benefits, no side effects and low cost make music an ideal therapeutic option By Shari Cohen “Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.” ~Maya Angelou During his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital, when pediatric physician Raffi Tachdjian was searching for a way to accelerate healing in his young patients, inspiration came in […]

Saffron as Soul Spice

Pricey, precious golden threads By Kimberly Nichols In my early twenties, while just beginning my career and relatively money-poor, I was given the job of throwing a dinner party for my colleagues at an advertising agency. My super hip boss, whom I was dying to impress, confessed that he was a remarkable cook and offered […]

Private Trees, Public Produce

Clean up your yard and feed a stranger By Lauren Hudgins Californians, especially new arrivals, can hardly wait to plant or harvest fruit trees in their yards, but sometimes even old-timers get more than we bargained for. Can’t keep up with that impressively productive (and perhaps messy) plum or orange tree? Reduce waste, share the […]