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Film Review: Paulo Coelho’s Best Story


With multiple time jumps, an abundance of mood lighting and interjected with brief passionate encounters with women, the biopic chronicles his journey from rebellious youth through his mystical initiation to author of 30 novels.

DIY Sun Protection with No Harmful Chemicals


It’s the middle of summer and you’re probably trying to savor every single beach day. But even without full-on bathing-suit exposure, any time you’re outside of a building, including in your car, you’re vulnerable to sun damage. Are you safely protecting your skin from all of this UV radiation exposure?

Why We Get Cancer


I don’t doubt that miracles happen among cancer patients. I’m one of them. But I find it hard to believe anyone would bypass chemo and surgery for affirmations or crystals or mangosteen.

How Earthing Gets You Grounded

grass walk

“The ground under your feet may actually be the single most-powerful medicine on the planet,” he suggests, “because of Mother Earth’s natural endowment of ‘electric nutrition,’ a virtually limitless supply of free electrons that give the ground we walk on its negative electric charge.”

Preparing Kids to Build a Better World


“We care about testing and outcomes, but that’s not enough. We’re designing and developing an education that leads to graduates armed not with just facts and dates, but self-aware, compassionate individuals who are able to problem solve and operate in the larger world.”

Music Review: Medicina


In this deeply revealing work, with its pulsating fusion of South American beats—samba, cumbia, passionate vocals and electronica flourishes—Iemanjo leads us on a musical exploration of the healing properties of nature and its relationship to humankind.

Awake: The Life of Yogananda


When backlash in the press sent the yogi back to his homeland he noted with relief that, “It’s wonderful to walk among people who don’t need coaxing to be spiritual.”

Eco Pet Farewell


Alkaline hydrolysis, or aquamation, “has a carbon footprint that is only one-tenth of what fire-based cremation produces, cuts natural gas use by 90 percent, carbon dioxide emissions by 90 percent, electricity by 66 percent, and it is 100 percent mercury-free.”

Donna De Lory: Universal Light


The resulting trance rhythms hypnotize the soul as they also propel listeners into ecstatic dance. An insistent rhythm on tunes like “Amma” and “Praying for Love” (a trippy arrangement that includes some of her most pop-influenced lyrics to date) makes it a challenge to sit still.