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Blissing Out with Deva & Miten

On November 14, Whole Life Times was thrilled to be able to send five pairs of lottery winners to an evening of musical bliss with kirtan singers Deva Premal and Miten. Below are some of their thoughts. Thanks to all for participating!

Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers, Did you ever take one of those measu-re-your-carbon-footprint quizzes? I recycle like crazy, am insanely careful with water, eat mostly veggies, work mostly from home and print this magazine on FSC-certified paper. But using a car at all makes me a loser, and it’s frustrating. Everybody knows that L.A. is ecologically challenged when […]

The Rainbow Diet

Eating across the color spectrum helps keep your nutrients in balance

Have you ever wondered why blue M&Ms were the last ones to show up, long after red, green, yellow and brown had been melting in your mouth, not in your hand, for years? Until the advent of artificial colorings and flavorings, blue foods just didn’t seem right to most people, and for good reason: other than blueberries and blue-purple potatoes, there are very few naturally occurring blue foods on this planet. For our ancestors, blue was a color warning

Thanksgiving in the Blue Zone


There are a few places around the world where people live unusually long and healthy lives, called Blue Zones. For the past five years, Dan Buettner has been taking teams of scientists and writers to these places, and documenting their secrets to longevity.

The Wilshire/Ocean Vortex

In many cultures and for many centuries, crossroads have been considered places of heightened magical power. From a feng shui perspective this isn’t surprising, as intersections are areas where two or more distinct streams of energy (in the form of roads) meet, mingle, synthesize, swirl and radiate. This can result in a vortex, which, in energetic terms, could be defined as “a powerful circular energy…