Monthly Archives: August 2014

Healing with Sound

Regardless of where we grew up, or went to school, somewhere along the way almost all of us got the program—usually from a primary school teacher—that our bodies are made up of about 75 percent water, much like our earth. This is only partially true. With our modern technology, quantum physics research and other scientific […]

Gracias Madre Heats Up Melrose

Great food and celebrity sightings make it perfect for L.A. By Genie Davis Gracias Madre is perfect for Los Angeles—glamorous diners in trendy couture, celebrity sightings (Jennifer Lopez, when we visited) and a luxe look in what was once an elegant antique shop at the almost-Beverly-Hills end of Melrose. Colorful cushions, golden light and high […]

Sippin’ Suds for Arthritis

Beers offers a surprising perk for arthritis sufferers By Laura Owens Women who tip back a few beers each week are less likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis (RA), suggests a large study published in Arthritis & Rheumatism. RA is a chronic painful autoimmune disease that more often strikes women. While RA sometimes affects multiple tissues and […]

All-vegan Stanford Inn by the Sea


Deep relaxation at a back-to-the-land resort By Abigail Lewis The road to Mendocino from San Francisco simply will not allow you to obsess about urban woes. Tortuously winding through redwood groves and verdant hills, it insists that you focus on nothing but the scenery and potentially errant oenophiles who’ve had one taste too many at […]

Where Breath and Beats Merge

Why festivals satisfy our spiritual longing By Derek Beres Late every summer, 60,000 weekend (or week-long) warriors pack RVs with pimped-out bicycles, florescent pink and orange wardrobes, goggles, bandanas and whatever other accoutrement assist them in not only surviving but thriving in Nevada’s summer heat. They fly into Reno and San Francisco and Vegas and […]

Dog Lover’s Guide to Meditation

By Cindy Tansin I’ve had dogs all my life. Living in the city, their primary form of “exercise” was going outside in the back yard to do their business and watch the world go by. I figured my dogs were living the good life. What more could they possibly want besides food and love? When I […]