Monthly Archives: April 2013

Earth Facts for Earth Day

How far is Earth from the sun? What’s the deal with those pesky leap years? How about daylight savings? All those fun Earth facts from grade school might be buried beneath the perils of tax season, but Earth Day’s nigh approach provides a special opportunity to think anew (or in this case, old) about the […]

Moving Parts: The ins & outs of sexual lubricants

By Wendy Strgar Lubrication is a fact of life. In any relationship where working parts are at play, whether it be an engine, a dinner party or an evening of love, everything works better when it is “well oiled.” Lubrication allows for glide, ease and effectiveness. When lubrication is working well, it is invisible, a […]

Falling in Love with Portland

Fresh energy, great outdoor access and sunny summers By Teresa Bergen Portland is one of those cities visitors fall in love with and immediately start packing to move, with or without a job in sight. Artists, musicians, bike culture enthusiasts, yoga teachers, writers and idealists all are magnetized by the Rose City. When they can’t […]

Timing Is Everything in Weight Loss

By Elizabeth Barker Those late-in-the-day meals might be messing with your weight-loss efforts. According to a new study from the International Journal of Obesity, people who eat their largest meal earlier in the day may shed more pounds and slim down faster than dieters who save their most sizeable meal for later on. The study […]

Great News for Coffee Drinkers

By Elizabeth Barker Think twice before kicking your coffee habit. In a recent study of about 400,000 older adults, researchers from the National Cancer Institute determined that coffee-drinking could help boost your longevity. At the start of the study, each participant was between the ages of 50 and 71, had no history of heart disease […]