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The species I encountered was the Galapagos shark. On my first dive, there were 50 sharks and on my second there were 27. Ramsey taught us how to swim with our snorkels amongst these amazing and peaceful creatures.

Some Like It Hot

There is a wonderful intimacy about summer in Death Valley. Think of the experience of an infrared sauna–the intense dry heat of the day, taken in small doses, feels cleansing and healing. And you’ll want to experience, albeit briefly, the buzzing quiet of the desert at high noon–a time of infinite peace, when just about all living things take shelter in the shade or burrowed beneath the sand.

The Wild Feminine in Summer


Yoga and wild spirituality share the same objective; to seek out any barriers to freedom and remove them. In a woman’s life, many obstacles to her spiritual liberation come from an internalized belief that we are static creatures meant to be even-keeled and always predictable.