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Visual Portraits of a Voice: Shayna LaBeouf

Shayna Saide LaBeouf’s mystical, visual poems By Stephanie du Tan When art speaks to us directly and moves us profoundly, we find that the personal is universal and the universal is personal. Personal experience leads to the discovery of universal truths, and the transcendent in turn illuminates our present. This dialectic is at work in […]

Aerobics Against Migraines

Exercise may be the best medicine By Laura Owens Chronic migraine sufferers will do just about anything to avoid an attack, including nixing a healthy but common trigger—exercise. In a study published in Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain, researchers tested an exercise regime that actually decreased migraines. Subjects participated in an indoor […]

A Man, a Train and a Horse

It’s not always easy to spot a winner By Martha Crawford It was spring of 1954 when I swept through the historic Sunset Route Railway Station on East Commerce Street in San Antonio, Texas, pausing  only long enough to retrieve a dog-eared copy of Sunset magazine that had been cast aside. Rushing to board the […]

The Road to Romantic Bliss

By Laura G. Owens Blame your parents if you must, but a study that followed 3,000 subjects from age 12 to 32 to determine if relationship with parents influences future romantic connections, results showed—no surprise—that it does, whether it’s harmonious or rocky. No need to worry, however; breaking attitudes and behaviors begins with tuning in. […]

Ocean Trash to Treasure


“The problem is turning off the fire hydrant,” explains Richard; in other words, ending the continual flow. “The thing we do is make people aware that there is all of this plastic.”

Degrees of Sustainability

College environmental programs are a boon to job-seekers, eco-warriors and a planet demanding new solutions By Elyse Glickman What do you want to be when you grow up… besides a socially responsible citizen? The answer to that question has become a bit more complicated in the last decade. Once upon a time, a college degree […]

Film: Fed Up

Directed by Stephanie Soechtig Review by Abigail Lewis Our obesity rate is breaking the scale at 30 percent and everybody’s confused. We’ve been told that if we get enough exercise we’ll lose weight, but obesity rates keep rising at the same rate as fitness rates. How is this possible? In Fed Up, a new film […]


We are increasingly awash in a sea of plastic. In the Northern Pacific Ocean, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch—an ever-growing mass of marine debris roughly the size of Texas—is comprised of six kilos of plastic* for every kilo of natural plankton. On land, the Ocean Travelers Plastics Gallery at the Monterey Bay Aquarium provides a […]