Monthly Archives: January 2010

Medical Help for Haiti

Several worthy organizations are helping with Haitian relief efforts. This one is bringing badly needed medical help.

Westside Bikers Beware

Is biking is better than driving? Depends where you are. Westside bikers take note: Under current Santa Monica laws, police can fine cyclists up to $1,000 for not having a bike license, and even throw them in the clink for up to six months.

Alter Eco Chocolate

Most balanced dietary guidelines include fruit, vegetables and whole grains, but some days it’s a challenge to feed our bodies in the best way and we end up indulging in something slightly less nutritious. Admittedly it’s difficult to get a full serving from just a few bites of anything, but Alter Eco has devised a […]

It Takes 10 Villages

It’s a tall order for one city to make much difference in climate change, so Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Pasadena have joined Green Cities California (GCC), a coalition of 10 local governments noted for—are you ready? —groundbreaking environmental policies. It’s difficult to believe when L.A. air is still rated worst in the nation, but it seems our city really is making progress.

Alicia Silverstone Rethinks Food, Kindness and Weight Loss


“I really had to take a look at my dog and say, ‘If I’m not willing to eat my dog, why am I willing to eat these other creatures who have the same desire to live, the same capacity for pain and playfulness, and passion for living?’”