Monthly Archives: March 2011

Grey Water, Green Lawn and Yard

As conscious humans in 2010–‘11 Los Angeles, it’s difficult not to feel guilty about something. From the fossil fuels we burn riding in planes, trains and vehicles to the leaky faucet we take a month to fix, we all accumulate a legacy of tiny abuses on the environment. Yet as WLT readers know, we can […]

L.A. Programs Empower Community Youth

With the Los Angeles inner-city dropout rate at 50 percent and suicide the third leading cause of adolescent death in the nation, it’s not difficult to see that many of the next generation are floundering. Compounding the problem, the federal and state government are both poised for further funding cuts to education, leaving the concerned […]

Thanks Be for Café Gratitude

By Abigail Lewis When you enter the front door at the new Café Gratitude on Larchmont, the symbolic mural extending the length of one wall seems to invite you into an orchard to share the experience of the burgeoning life therein. The painting practically begs for a photo, and fortunately I’d brought my trusty digital. […]

Sustainable Malibu: Plate

By Lucinda Michele Knapp The ocean view out Plate‘s wide front windows is unobstructed, save for a field of vivid yellow blossoms bobbing in the breeze just across PCH. Owner/manager Shiela Elardo explains that, “This was the best place to have the restaurant because people in Malibu are concerned with eating healthy and sustainably.” But […]