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Finally a Career that Fuels My Passion

biz woman

Even though I could see that I was improving people’s lives, the work I was doing—managing databases—and office politics were killing my spirit.

Beach Blanket Therapy

By Elizabeth Barker Hitting the beach may help keep you healthy, suggests a study presented at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference last spring. Looking at data on 2,750 adults and their tendencies to spend time in natural settings, researchers found that those who visited the seaside were more likely to report feelings of well-being […]

Hot Off the Press June 2012

Summer is a great time for reading. These two books are polar opposites: One is about sorting through complexity, the other is about finding joy in simplicity.

Film: Entanglement

Directed by Michael Goorjian On a dark and stormy night, a group of young artists is happily partying when one of them—Jack Franklin (Randy J. Blair)—suddenly has a premonition: Jack’s twin brother, serving in Afghanistan, is in danger. What to do? He tries desperately to Skype his brother, but one of his party-animal roomies has […]

Film: Kumaré

Kumaré Directed by Vikram Gandhi Most of us want to believe in something larger than ourselves, something that connects us to God, the Great Beyond or whatever we might call it. But do we want to belong so badly that, given the right trappings, we’ll believe anything or anyone? Vikram Gandhi was born in New […]