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The Mind is the Answer


By turning my own mind-body-sense complex into a laboratory for experimenting with the truth, I discovered that a great number of undesirable concepts and attachments are hiding out in the dark recesses of our unconscious minds. And like some anonymous internet hacker halfway around the world, these mischievous evil-doers seem to revel in compromising our ability to see accurately.

It’s All in Your Dreams

moonrise over water

The Founding Fathers of America didn’t create the Intention of Independence; they created the Declaration of Independence, and thus a new world was born. Set a dream declaration (an intention on steroids) before going to sleep, as you meditate, or writing in your journal (i.e. “Tonight I will remember my dreams.”)



This is where the beauty, efficiency, and art of Kundalini Yoga comes in. You don’t have to look good in spandex coordinates, you don’t have to be in any particular physical shape, you can wear jeans, you can do it at your desk, you can do something for three minutes, there is literally NO BARRIER TO ENTRY.

It’s not a trade, it’s an offering

Giving 1

I believe there’s a simple and immediate way to empowerment: look inside yourself and tap into your place of “radical generosity”—make an offering!

Taking Control of Your Life


In January, we are entering the year 2017 (2+0+1+7= 10, then reduce down to a single digit, 1+0=1) which breaks down to the number 1.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Chant


There is always violence in the world, but events of this past week have heightened our awareness of it. Every time we turn on the news or look on social media, there is more bad news of humans causing pain to humans. Death does not care what color our skin, or what uniform we wear.

Album Review: Sukha


Rise never flags in its efforts to get the listener up and moving, appreciative and ready for the day or night ahead.

Yogananda Explains Resurrection

Paramahansa Yogananda conducting the first Easter sunrise meditation service in 1925.

“You cannot remain at a standstill. You must either go forward or backward. That is a great and inspiring truth, that in life you cannot remain stationary.”

The Last Avatar

Bk_Last Avatar

In a forgiving and often humorous way, he slashes to the bone the underlying traps people fall prey to, in denying their own fundamental divinity—the real message here. It’s a repair manual for the soul.

Nine Excellent Methods of Energy Protection


When you react to someone’s anger, you become vulnerable to the negative thought forms that person is throwing out, allow­ing the negativity to attach to your aura. Remaining in a neu­tral and positive state is extremely important.