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Ignite Your Goddess Power!


The true keystone of committing to yourself is very simple:
Learn to love all of who you are, flaws and all. You commit to yourself to the same extent that you are willing to release the past and any ideas that you are holding that you “should” be different than you are at this moment. Our deepest healing occurs when we learn to be our own best friend, companion, and cheerleader.

Healthy Living in Southern California


Many people tend to think of advances in medicine as only those that are high-tech and expensive, such as a new drug, laser, or surgical procedure. They often have a hard time be­lieving that something as simple as comprehensive lifestyle changes can make such a powerful difference in our lives—but they often do.

Innocence Lost

49092144 - olive oil and berries are on the wooden table under the olive tree.

A much publicized study by the University of California-Davis’ Olive Center found that more than two-thirds of imported oils labeled extra virgin, the highest possible grade, failed to meet the extra virgin legal requirements.

Rewiring Our Brains for a Better World


It’s been a rough year so far. From terrorist attacks to coups, a surreal presidential race and heart-rending police shootings, we’ve been confronted with narratives that challenge our belief systems on weighty topics like peace, race, culture and religion. In person, we often say little about these topics to colleagues and acquaintances, but on social […]

Politics with Half a Brain

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Of course, as individuals we have and use both brain operating systems to some degree, and so conservatives and liberals are—at least in theory—fully capable of seeing the complementary nature of their viewpoints and responses.

Holistic Alternatives to Opioids


Used alone or in conjunction with lower-dose opiates, natural pain relief options improve quality of life and have few or no side effects. Most importantly, they’re non-addictive.

Five Hearts of the Horse


They’re bigger, faster and stronger than we are, yet temperate enough to be not only a child’s best friend, but also an effective means of working with the disabled, lonely, sad, clinically depressed or otherwise challenged.

Chumash Healing with Wild Local Plants

ProfAdams - lores

“In the olden days, Chumash saw the spirit, mind and body as inseparable entities that could not be treated separately in disease. All healing involved the spirit, the mind and the body.”

Heartfulness Meditation


Taking a few minutes to relax and center yourself can help keep you focused for the rest of the day.