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The species I encountered was the Galapagos shark. On my first dive, there were 50 sharks and on my second there were 27. Ramsey taught us how to swim with our snorkels amongst these amazing and peaceful creatures.

Some Like It Hot

There is a wonderful intimacy about summer in Death Valley. Think of the experience of an infrared sauna–the intense dry heat of the day, taken in small doses, feels cleansing and healing. And you’ll want to experience, albeit briefly, the buzzing quiet of the desert at high noon–a time of infinite peace, when just about all living things take shelter in the shade or burrowed beneath the sand.

High Desert Conservation


Here is your guide to giving back to L.A.’s increasingly popular high desert as you allow what the poet Wendell Berry called “the peace of wild things” to flow into your soul in this treasure of the American Southwest.

Livin’ Healthy in the Big Easy:


For a uniquely New Orleanian fitness experience, join the local “Move Ya Brass” running group for a free Monday night run, or take the beginner-friendly cardio class “Bounce Ya Brass” in Crescent Park. Local musician Robin Barnes founded the running group and Brass classes.

Celebrate the Season in Festive Santa Fe

Santa Fe 4

The galleries and quaint shops lin­ing Canyon Road, a comfortable walk from the hotel, will keep you busy all day. Cutting-edge New York–style galleries are also easily accessible in the Railroad District.

Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos

Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos in San Diego County

Many cultures recognize something special and mystic happening from October 31 to November 2. Some say the veil between worlds is thinnest that time of year, so that the living can visit with the dead.

Film — Fatima

Fatima (covered) with her daughters

Fatima is a glimpse into the challenges of all of their lives, nut particularly the mother’s. She faces discrimination for wearing a headscarf, is studying French but hasn’t mastered it, works exhausting hours at menial jobs, and as if all this weren’t enough, suffers a physical injury.