Monthly Archives: January 2013

What You Want Most from Your Lover

By Wendy Strgar Sometimes even the most well-intentioned gift can exacerbate our feelings of being neglected and misunderstood. Instead of bringing us closer, it may crystallize ways we feel invisible or taken for granted. A lack of attention and emotional connection in a relationship never occurs in a single day; it’s usually a quiet neglect […]

Warm, Healing Teas

Whether you’re down with the flu or it’s simply a cool day, these hot tropical teas are just what the naturopath ordered

Film: Side Effects

I like psychological thrillers. They keep me on the edge of my seat, but unlike some other genres, they don’t actually drop me off the psychic edge. “Side Effects,” directed by Stephen Soderbergh (slated for semi-retirement) and due in theatres any day now, will definitely keep you wondering what’s going on. Reminiscent of “The Postman Always […]