Monthly Archives: April 2015

Homeopathic Alternatives to Standard Vaccines


Allopathic vaccinations deliver a diluted strain of a virus the body theoretically can learn to fight off, whereas for homeopathic immunizations, the illness’ original form is sufficiently diluted in water or alcohol to create a non-material energetic dose that then works its way through the system.

Testosterone May Heal More than Sex Drive


Low testosterone can contribute to Parkinson’s symptoms due to excess nitric oxide, an important molecule that transmits signals throughout the body but in high levels causes neurons to die off.

Where Sexual Fear and Fantasy Collide


Sexuality that is simultaneously forbidden and commanded both terrifies and titillates. These dynamics are not just fiction. Our collective sexuality is replete with confused sex acts that should never have occurred.

Martha Graham Dance Company


The audience was treated to a program of old and new works that began with a reprise of one of her classics—Appalachian Spring, originally choreographed and danced by Graham in 1942.

Five Days of Inspirational Films


The Illuminate Film Festival promises five days of inspirational viewing — metaphysical, sustainable and socially conscious films.

Plyometrics: Get Stronger Faster


Plyometrics taps into stored muscle energy to increase speed, muscle development, agility, cardio function, stamina and calorie burn.

Surfing for a Healthy Pregnancy

For a pregnant woman, California’s cool ocean waters are a welcome relief from heightened body temperature, anxiety and fluctuating hormones, and the buoyancy of salt water lightens the extra weight you’re carrying. But there are health benefits as well.

Solar Panels—Buy or Lease


Solar energy, not long ago the province of a few affluent progressives, will power more than 600,000 homes by the end of this year.