Monthly Archives: March 2014

Why We Snoop on Our Lovers

Relationships are supposedly about honesty and communication, but something is amiss By Suzanne Harrington We’re 30 years past the projected date, but George Orwell would still nod knowingly at the Big Brother-style revelations of Edward Snowden. The fact that we’re being snooped on has caused widespread indignation, but the truth is that many of us […]

My Daughter’s Other Parents

When Family Ties Become Tangled By Vanessa McGrady “That will come out with Spic ‘n’ Span,” said Bridgett, dabbing at the spilled yellow mustard on her jacket. I’d just met the hugely pregnant 23-year-old sitting across from me in a meeting hastily arranged by our adoption social worker. I had no idea that she and […]

Green Spaces = Happy Places

By Laura G. Owens Everyone knows breathing in nature’s landscape brings instant inner Tahiti.  But how long does the ahhhh of a sunset or green city park last? British researchers with the University of Exeter Medical School found that when people move to places with greener spaces, not only do they experience an immediate bump […]

The Color of Memory


It was the summer of 1973 when my brother and I lived on my grandfather’s farm in Chardon, Ohio. One day we decided to paint the kitchen a beautiful shade of blue. We turned on the radio, opened the windows and began our task. I did the trim while my brother rolled, both of us working […]