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Tricks from Dogs for Staying Calm

Sometimes a dog is better than Prozac By Suzanne Walker I stretched, and the book at the edge of the couch toppled off. The instant it clapped on the hardwood floor, Simon jerked to attention and scuttled halfway across the room. From a safe vantage under a table, he warily eyed the fallen book. I […]

More Antioxidant Bang for your Buck

By Elizabeth Barker Going organic may grant you greater protection against health-harming free radicals, a recent study suggests. Focusing on 34 different kinds of antioxidants, University of Barcelona researchers found that organic tomatoes delivered higher levels of antioxidants than the conventionally grown variety. “Organic farming doesn’t use nitrogenous fertilizers,” explains study author Anna Vallverdú Queralt. […]

Film: Bitter Seeds

Indian farmer begging Monsanto

Monsanto’s war against conventional farmers and other sentient beings