Holistic Living articles:

Coffee by the Light of the Moon


Though it is important to source organic, fair trade, and sustainable when possible, some coffee shops and roasters are taking it one step further: Biodynamic farming. Biodynamic farming is not only organically farmed, but it is done so in rhythm with the cycles of the moon. A method of farming first introduced by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s, it is a holistic system of agriculture.

A Bodhi Tree Grows


“One of the guiding mottos when envisioning Bodhi’s new form was to find a way to create an appealing balance drawn from the Transcen­dentalist’s values of wisdom, beauty, and truth.”

Rewiring Our Brains for a Better World


It’s been a rough year so far. From terrorist attacks to coups, a surreal presidential race and heart-rending police shootings, we’ve been confronted with narratives that challenge our belief systems on weighty topics like peace, race, culture and religion. In person, we often say little about these topics to colleagues and acquaintances, but on social […]

Politics with Half a Brain

31366761 - left and right brain hemispheres

Of course, as individuals we have and use both brain operating systems to some degree, and so conservatives and liberals are—at least in theory—fully capable of seeing the complementary nature of their viewpoints and responses.

Missy Galore


Fittingly, Galore has performed at the Burning Man festival—a listen to Shamanatrix is like a 15-minute vacation to the Black Rock Desert, far from conventions, violence and political warfare.

Five Hearts of the Horse


They’re bigger, faster and stronger than we are, yet temperate enough to be not only a child’s best friend, but also an effective means of working with the disabled, lonely, sad, clinically depressed or otherwise challenged.

Are You a Boy, or Are You a Girl?


Men assumed higher-pitched cries in boys meant the baby was in more discomfort. This is likely due to an ingrained stereotype that boy babies “should” have low-pitched cries.

Chumash Healing with Wild Local Plants

ProfAdams - lores

“In the olden days, Chumash saw the spirit, mind and body as inseparable entities that could not be treated separately in disease. All healing involved the spirit, the mind and the body.”

Heartfulness Meditation


Taking a few minutes to relax and center yourself can help keep you focused for the rest of the day.

Album Review: Barrule


While many of the songs’ meanings are difficult to decipher, the group does touch upon modern, universal themes. On “High Net Worth Individuals,” Barrule lampoons greedy, power-hungry businessmen—something American voters are dealing with this election cycle.