Monthly Archives: February 2015

How Yoga Kept Me in an Unhealthy Relationship


I began to realize that the yogic principles and precepts I’d learned over the years—and shared regularly as a yoga teacher—actually encouraged me to stay in an unhealthy relationship much longer than its expiration date.

Book—Shortcuts to Mindfulness


Catherine Auman offers a rational perspective tempered with spiritual insights, emotional awareness and sometimes-offbeat observations.

Candy-coated Yogurt


It might seem like a nutritional no-brainer to choose a cup of yogurt over a candy bar, but a shocking number of brands offer no more nutritional value,.

Living Luxe Gluten Free

Salmorejo Lo Res

Have you ever been in love with something and just not known it yet? It turns out that was the case for me with fried eggplant: love at first bite.

Beyond the Bottom Line


“As important as it is to make a profit, It’s also about figuring out how to instill a sense of purpose in employees.”

Home Births over Hospitals


A 2011 study found that for low-risk pregnant mothers, giving birth in a traditional maternity ward increased the likelihood of surgical intervention and therefore infection.