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Shortcut to Romance

woman eating

A new study found that women, particularly those who once dieted, are more likely to respond to romantic pictures when their stomachs are full.

Powerful Motivators for Success


We can only become free to create a life, a business and a world that fits our deepest aspirations when we invent (or discover) a life philosophy that helps us thrive. This is not about smarts. This is about wisdom.

Spa-mazing Eco Indulgence


Spas throughout Los Angeles offer wide-ranging menus of facials, massages, scrubs and mani-pedis. But the best of them serve not just spa guests, but Mother Earth as well, offering eco-friendly treatments in a sustainable venue.

Eat Here Now: Kye’s on Montana


“I wanted to be real about food. It has to be nutritious and give your body what it needs to function optimally, it has to taste good and make you feel excited about what you are eating, and you have to feel good after you eat—energized—not tired like you need a nap, or you’re too full.”

SoCal Hands-On Permaculture Community


wild-series-6Quail Springs residents are committed to nurturing young people and educating the public, both rural and urban, by introducing them to wildlife and ways of living in harmony with the natural environment.

Enrich LA’s School Gardens Raise Plants and Test Scores


“Some of these schools have metal [bars] on the windows. They are like prisons. All a child needs to see is someone looking out for him, doing something for him, then showing up again and again. I’m going to get my hands dirty, dig gardens and be there for everything we do,” promised O’Grady.

Music Review: MC Yogi


The lyrics are deep and poignant, yet the fluidity of MC Yogi’s vocals and the infectious world beats keep us floating above the moving music and poetry. He has an inviting way of introducing his messaged opinions in a friendly melodic context…

Book Review: 10% Human


Because we each have nine bacteria and fungi cells for every one of our human cells, over the course of a lifetime we will carry the equivalent weight of five African elephants in microbes. Rather than considering ourselves as individuals, it is more accurate to say we are a “colony.”

Book Review: Tantra for the West


Using a frank and honest voice that weaves personal anecdotes with simple, direct applications in the areas of work, money, creativity, food and drink, solitude, meditation, healing and aging, freedom, enlightenment, sex and relationships, Allen provides ample practices for living the life of your dreams in this very moment.