Monthly Archives: May 2009

A Conscious Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success


Anyone who thinks it’s easy to start a business has never tried. It takes a lot more perspiration than inspiration, and there are a multitude of pitfalls along the way. But easy and simple are two different stories.

Letter from the Publisher

Undoubtedly you were as disappointed as we were when Whole Life Times closed its doors in March. It had been a thriving community publication before ownership changed in 2002. The magazine had been rescued from near-extinction 12 years earlier, and had grown into a valuable connection point for Southern Californians hoping to create a more balanced way of living.

The Vanishing Honeybees

Imagine half a million adults skipping town and leaving their kids behind. That’s what’s happening in bee world. Honeybees are all getting out of Dodge, and we have no clue why.

Kicking the Oil Habit: Hydrogen, Cold Fusion and Zero-Point Energy

An Interview with Brian O’Leary, PhD
Oil is like any other addiction; we’ll never reduce our dependence until we have better alternatives to replace it. Brian O’Leary, PhD, has been researching this dilemma for more than 20 years, and has spent virtually his entire life exploring and writing about new paradigms of science and global transformation.

Swine Flu Defense


It’s nothing to sneeze at when people are dying of a flu, but people die every day from drunk driving and have we banned alcohol yet? Not a chance.