Love & Sex articles:

The Watermelon Sex Cure


This succulent red produce contains lycopene, beta carotene and the new darling of the bedroom, citrulline.

Brain Size in Men and Women


“There is no sense talking about male nature and female nature. No one person has all the male characteristics and another person all the female characteristics.”

Adventure for Two in L.A.

nature-Sandstone Peak

Whether you want an urban art experience, a romp in nature, music and theater or a spa indulgence, it’s hard to beat our city for a day of adventure and romance.

Searching Online for a Soulmate


In the beginning, for infatuation, all you need is the physical. It doesn’t mean that person is right for a long-term relationship; it just means they’re good to have sex with.

Shortcut to Romance

woman eating

A new study found that women, particularly those who once dieted, are more likely to respond to romantic pictures when their stomachs are full.

Music Review: MC Yogi


The lyrics are deep and poignant, yet the fluidity of MC Yogi’s vocals and the infectious world beats keep us floating above the moving music and poetry. He has an inviting way of introducing his messaged opinions in a friendly melodic context…

Book Review: Tantra for the West


Using a frank and honest voice that weaves personal anecdotes with simple, direct applications in the areas of work, money, creativity, food and drink, solitude, meditation, healing and aging, freedom, enlightenment, sex and relationships, Allen provides ample practices for living the life of your dreams in this very moment.

Dead Animals on the Dinner Table


Why shouldn’t Ray order whatever he wanted, even if seeing brains on his plate made my own brain want to explode? As long as he didn’t expect me to munch on a bunny rabbit.