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Finding Home

Home at last

My journey entailed the discovery of our true nature that dwells within each one of us and how that enlightened consciousness navigates our given life thereafter.

The Mind is the Answer


By turning my own mind-body-sense complex into a laboratory for experimenting with the truth, I discovered that a great number of undesirable concepts and attachments are hiding out in the dark recesses of our unconscious minds. And like some anonymous internet hacker halfway around the world, these mischievous evil-doers seem to revel in compromising our ability to see accurately.

Clean Bay Certified Restaurants

Clean Bay Certified 1

Certifying restaurants is important, because an average restaurant uses 300,000 gallons of water every year, and throws out 150,000 pounds of garbage.

It’s All in Your Dreams

moonrise over water

The Founding Fathers of America didn’t create the Intention of Independence; they created the Declaration of Independence, and thus a new world was born. Set a dream declaration (an intention on steroids) before going to sleep, as you meditate, or writing in your journal (i.e. “Tonight I will remember my dreams.”)

The Buzz on the Bees — 10 Years Later


Documentaries usually have a shelf life but I tell people that our film is still alive because the bees are unfortunately still dying. Today, the systemic pesticides involved in CCD, are not only killing bees, but also native birds, butterflies, and bats.

Yoga in the Garden


Nature provides for us all the elements we need to experience a fulfilling yoga practice: Walking on the earth in our bare feet on the way to the mat, stepping on natural elements like stone pavers interlaced with soft groundcovers, breathing in fresh air, feeling the breeze on our necks, and feeling warm life-giving sun on our faces.

High Desert Conservation


Here is your guide to giving back to L.A.’s increasingly popular high desert as you allow what the poet Wendell Berry called “the peace of wild things” to flow into your soul in this treasure of the American Southwest.

Nature’s Wild Bounty


With all of our winter rains, our landscape no longer looks like a desert, but rather a verdant wilderness garden. Wild plants have sprung up prolifically in yards and alleys and open fields. Most of these are great foods and medicines, disguised as “weeds.”