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Book Review: Secrets of Ancient America


Carl Lehrburger sidesteps the dusty drone of many a scholarly tome. He follows the diffusionist debate since the 1970s with compassionate, bilateral fairness that often convinced me (the eternal skeptic) of exactly what he argues against—only to turn again with the next wave of evidence and refined speculation.

The Dalai Lama’s 80th Birthday Party


Regardless of the art form, art allows us human beings to express a part of our inner selves. In a single expression of art many people can see themselves or relate to it, so art reaffirms our sense of oneness.

Bike Share Santa Monica


With City Council’s approval of a new bikeshare system last November, the city is rolling full speed ahead toward the late-2015 launch of Breeze, a 500-bicycle smart-bike sharing system.

Rosie the Riveter and Modern Rosies


“‘Women Can Build’ says it all: the powerful, beautiful women working in these factories can do anything they set their minds to.”

Unseen Miracles of Healing


When we are physically ill or out of balance, western medicine addresses the body with a standard protocol of solutions. Tested methods of physical therapy, such as chiropractic, massage and acupuncture, can also be extremely useful, but there are other modalities that elude scientific research and go a step beyond.

Book Review: Living with Intent

bkRev_Living With Intent cover

With thoughtful insight, generous sharing and sometimes-awkward honesty, the author takes us through the vicissitudes of that difficult passage to a place of self-fulfillment and inner peace.

Getting Creative When Life’s a Pain


Whether it’s painting, singing or writing, a growing number of people suffering from chronic pain—who total an estimated 100 million adults—are using the creative arts as a form of therapy. Medical authorities say different forms of creative expression can offer fulfillment and relief.

Trees I’ve Loved


Early each morning before anyone else was awake, I swam out to the wooden raft, ditched my bikini and floated on my back, gazing at the trees encircling the lake. Never had I felt so free and nurtured—the warmer surface water hugging my bare body and the crystalline sky and green treetops saturating my eyes and spirit.