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Function Over Form

Eco-smart vehicles for 2010 are longer on mileage but still short on style Buying a new vehicle is a huge decision, and not just because it’s the second largest purchase most people make. More than just transportation, your ride may also be your calling card, especially in L.A., so it could bring up all kinds […]

Celebrating Women

Create your own map for success

Women make up slightly more than 50 percent of the U.S. population and have given birth to 100 percent of it, so what’s the deal? Only about 15 percent of Fortune 500 companies have women on their boards of directors, and although women have seen more parity in wages for the same jobs in the past few years, at this rate it will be 2050 before their compensation is equal to men’s.


Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings (North Atlantic Books) is astrologer Rob Brezsny’s revised and expanded edition of his earlier cult classic. In it, he proposes 888 tricks for a blissful life.

Stop a Cold with These Immune Boosters

For sore throats, her mother always gave her tea made from thinly sliced ginger boiled for ten minutes. Figuring it would hydrate me, I drank the tea and went to bed. The next morning, I was amazed when I woke up without a sore throat.

Raw Road Trip

Our February-March 2010 issue tells you where to learn how to prepare raw and living foods at home, but sometimes it’s nice to let someone else present us with a delicious meal. Also, although raw food is getting much more recognition, it’s still not always easy to find when on the road. The listings below include likely markets and raw food restaurants throughout California. If you have suggestions to add, please let us know!

Matthew Kenney’s 105 Degrees Haute

Matthew Kenney melds raw foods culinary training with classical techniques – At Oklahoma City’s newly opened 105 Degrees Café and Academy, there are no ovens, no microwaves, no steaming plates, and definitely no banging pots and pans. Aside from a steady stream of jazz tunes, the ambient noise is an occasional juicer whirring or blender spinning. The atmosphere in the open kitchen seems uncustomarily calm, with a small-but-focused crew of uniformed chefs-in-training plating edible works of art.

Tea for One

Once you get accustomed to loose tea, you’ll never go back to teabags; it’s like bottled wine vs. boxed. But who has time to brew on a hectic morning? This glass and stainless Perfect Steeper makes a self-contained, no-mess, perfect cup of tea. Just add loose leaves and hot water, turn upside down to steep, […]

Who Wants Yesterday’s Papers?

Instead of recycling yesterday’s newspaper, reuse it. Tear or cut newspaper into 3½” x 10″ strips and wrap around this wooden Pot Maker form. Forget glue, just fold the ends under and press the form into the base to make a biodegradable paper pot for seedlings. When you’re ready to transplant to a larger container […]